From a marketing perspective, new fans are tough. They’re not like established fans, who have been to at least one of your shows and may already love your music brand.

5 Ways to Make New Fans Love Your Music Brand

But how can you get new fans to love your venue or festival’s brand?

It’s hard enough just to get them in the door. Capturing new fans is expensive — anywhere from six to seven times more expensive than retaining existing customers. That’s because new fans are much tougher to market to.

For starters, you’ve got to find them — or help them find you. Getting them to love your brand is the next challenge.

The key is to always be converting: Make it a marketing goal to turn new fans and one-off attendees into established fans who love your festival or venue.  Ultimately, they may even spread the word on your behalf. In the larger business world, this is called turning new customers into repeat customers, and possibly advocates.

Here are five ideas for turning newbies and one-off attendees into brand-loving fans.

1. Emphasize the experience

Everyone values a great experience, but it’s especially true of Millennials. Play up the unique vibe of your venue or festival to make a strong connection with experience-seekers.

  • Use photos and videos taken from the perspective of a fan to showcase the experience your venue or festival offers. Post them on social media, and encourage fans to be a part of the experience by coming to your shows and posting their own photos.
  • Don’t be afraid to create a little FOMO — fear of missing out — in your advertising or organic copy. That could mean creating a sense of urgency, playing up ticket scarcity or exclusivity, or simply focusing on someone else’s positive experience at your show or festival.

2. Catch them on the flip side

After your show or festival, don’t forget to follow up. Take advantage of those warm post-show feelings to reinforce your brand and upcoming shows.

  • Remind fans of the awesome time they had by emailing your attendee list with a recap of the experience. Include photos and video with links to your Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • Take the opportunity to promote similar upcoming shows they might enjoy.

3. Make it personal

Interact authentically with fans both in person and online. Use the tone and design of your emails, advertising, and social media posts to establish a meaningful brand voice and personality. Don’t just promote shows; use organic Instagram and Facebook posts to send out cool pictures, ask questions, and engage with your fans.

  • Check your tone and style. Are you talking to fans with the kind of casual, personal voice you’d like to hear from a venue or festival? This is especially important on social media, where even for the biggest corporations, authenticity shines through.
  • Search through Instagram hashtags to find fans who showed up and posted pictures. Comment on their shots and thank them for coming to the show.
  • Resolve problems. If a fan has a particular need or problem, follow it through. Customers who get their issue resolved positively will tell four to six people about their experience.

4. Be conscious of your brand

It’s not just your name or logo. Your brand includes everything about how you communicate and how you go about your business, even when no one’s looking. Your brand includes:

  • Its own voice and personality
  • Its own visual style
  • Its own values.

Instagram is a great place to be authentic and let your brand personality show.

5. Keep love alive

Ask anyone in a successful relationship, and they’ll tell you that romance isn’t just for the first date. Use these tips to keep the fireworks going:

  • Vary your communication. Use social media and email marketing to do more than promote shows — use it to convey your appreciation of fans.
  • Say thank you. Show gratitude for first-time attendees in an email sent only to new fans.
  • Ask for their input. Find out about your fans’ experiences using a simple survey. Fans feel more connected when their own voice is valued.