IDAt an early age I was fortunate to discover my passion for live events. Exploring my creativity through many different mediums, I focused & honed my business strengths to the services I provide my clients today.

I started my career as executive assistant for Mr Mario Aceval at Arcanhell Producciones, a knowing concert promoter in Chile, where I learned valuable fundamentals in the industry.

Back in year 2001, My partner and best friend Oscar Collao and I founded the music magazine, “Zerovarius”, which soon became a national benchmark  for music lovers in Latin America.

Picture4I attended DUOC Universidad de Chile, as a Connectivity Engineering. During the first year of my education, in June 2002, we founded the Zerovarius FM87.9, the channel reaching more than one million listeners in cities of Santiago, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. After which Zerovarius TV show was launched. The shows reaches more than 8 million  viewers. Ultimately we created Magazine, Radio, TV, Web portal and merchandising building  around the Zerovarius brand.

In June 2003, I join to South Stars Agency, the first management and booking agency in Chile as a Agent, Talent Buyer and Tour Manager, work that help me to win the Pollstar Awards as Best International Agent (Los Angeles, USA).

Picture3In 2006, I left South Stars Agency and Zerovarius Group for work in a personal project, Aron Music International (A.M.I.), to focus on live concerts promotion and production throughout the Latin America region.

During my start-up phase I participated in the Spanish Youth Business Foundation (Madrid, Spain), which supported my financing and mentoring by Marcelo Espina, BankT Investment.

During my career in Aron Music, we produce more than 3500 live shows, from theatre concerts to stadium concerts and multiple festival, and open 3 offices around the world (Chile, Spain and Hong Kong). Thanks to this record of success events we win a few awards, like “Best Management & Business Model” by A.R.T.E (2008); “Independent Promoter of the Year” by Pollstar Awards (2009); “Best Promoter of the Year” by A.R.T.E Awards (2010); “Best International Promoter” by KBC Music Awards (2011); “NAMM – Lifetime Achievement” by MIA Awards (2012) and “Best Promoter of the Year” by UFI Awards (2012).

Picture1In 2012 Aron Music was sold to a Singaporean investors, rebranding to A.M.I. Live Entertainment, where I become to be Chief Operating Office, and change the HQ to London. In 2014 I was promoted to be the CEO of AMI Live in the new HQ of the group, Singapore.

During career as CEO of AMI Live, we achieve to be one of the most important companies in live industry, with more than $36mm in income a year, with offices in Chile, London, Netherlands, China, Indonesia, Dubai and Hong Kong. Also we open the door for projects like Formula One Rocks and Coca-Cola Zero Live at Antartica.